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¿Cómo o por qué agregar algo a la perfección de nuestra barra de nutrición de almendra crujiente? Nuestro oso catador tuvo una idea interesante: el salmón. Rechazamos su primera sugerencia, pero su segunda idea fue mucho mejor: los berries. Ya que tanto los osos como los humanos aman los berries, fue natural agregar el sabor jugoso y agrio de los berries a nuestra  Barra de Almendras Crujientes. El resultado es un sabor que recuerda a una tarta de almendra rematada con, lo has adivinado, berries. Cómelas y tendrás energía para evitar hábilmente a los osos y sus tontas sugerencias cuando los encuentres en el campo.

Información Nutricional


Tamaño de la Porción
una barra/57g
Calorías de Grasa

Cantidad por Porción
% Valor Diario

Total Grasa 8g 12%
Grasa Saturada 1g 5%
Grasa Trans 0g 0%
Colesterol 0mg 0%
Sodio 160mg 7%
Potasio 120mg 3%
Total Carbos 24g 8%
Fibra 3g 12%
Azucares 16g
Proteína 18g 36%

Vitamina A 0% Vitamina C 0% Calcio 6% Fierro 15% Fósforo 15% Magnesio 6%


Aislado de proteína de soya, jarabe de remolacha, almendras, jarabe de tapioca, hojuelas de proteína de soya (aislado de proteína de soya, almidón de tapioca, sal), jarabe de arroz integral, nueces de soya, fibra de achicoria, arándanos secos (arándanos, jarabe de piña), frambuesas secas, aceite de girasol , sabores naturales.

INFORMACIÓN: Contiene soja, almendras. Fabricado en una instalación que también procesa leche, huevo, nueces de árbol y maní.

Rápido Quemador de Grasas

PureFit Nutrition Bars

An important discovery in the health and fitness industry over the past 25 years is the fact that we burn stored body fat faster while working out if we eat a diet composed of a moderate amount of carbohydrates (40%), a moderate amount of protein (30%) and a low to moderate amount of good dietary fats (30%). This is known as the 40/30/30 optimal fat burning ratio.

It is difficult to lose weight when eating a diet primarily composed of carbohydrates, because you force your body to burn carbohydrates (sugars). In comparison, when you eat a diet composed of 30% protein you allow your body to burn stored body fat—which is the reason most of us workout. In other words, the ratio of the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in your diet determines if you will predominately burn carbohydrates or stored body fat.

Let’s face it, we are always burning calories. Without getting too technical, it’s the hormonal reaction from the foods we eat that determines what we will burn for energy. The normal response in the body to eating carbohydrates, (breads, pastas, fruits, sweets) is a rise in blood-sugar levels. To counteract and prevent excessive blood-sugar levels, the body produces insulin. Insulin stores calories as fat and glycogen and any excess as body fat.

The opposite hormone to insulin is glucagon. Protein in the diet releases glucagon, which mobilizes stored glycogen in the liver and bloodstream— allowing the muscles to burn fat, their preferred energy source. That is why when you burn more stored body fat, not only do you lose body fat, but you have more energy and endurance.

Just think how good you feel when you eat a more balanced meal, like a chicken breast salad, versus a high-carbohydrate meal like pasta and bread. Not only are you usually not hungry for many hours after the more balanced meal, you probably don’t feel lethargic, irritable, or bloated. Simply put, by adding a little protein and subtracting a few carbohydrates from your diet, you will experience body fat loss, have better energy, and look and feel great.

The PureFit Fat-Burning Nutritional System recommends moderate intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and good dietary fats. In addition to two great-tasting PureFit bars a day, you’ll eat three complete meals based on your individual needs. You’ll also receive exercise guidelines, information about the best foods for your diet and the right amount of water.

Click Here to download a free copy of the PureFit Fat-Burning Nutritional System.


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